Amoroso Pellicceria

The heat of a fur

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A fur has need of being conserved and regenerated. Our company besides the creation, production and sale of fur-shop heads is in a position to following own customers in all the aspects of the maintenance and sistemazione of the head, comprised the treatment " top line" that it lightens and it softens the head.


Our company highly is specialized in the services of restructure, remittance to model, lining, repair and quant' other serves to give again your head l' original splendor, all thanks to the extraordinary competence of able professionals expert and prepared to donate new life to your old fur, transforming it in any model wants the customer.



The cleaning service that the fur-shop Loving offers is a service of high professionality that guarantees to own customers an indeed excellent resolution. Our professionals, in fact, put on hand l' experience and the passion for the joined products of fur-shop to a perfect acquaintance of the materials and the techniques more all' vanguard in the cleaning procedure.



Our company has made of the protection acclimatizes them the fulcrum of own politics, only using and exclusively coming natural skins from breedings. The skins are declared commerciabili from the convention of Washington of 1973 ( that it forbids the commercialization and l' use of the species in via of extinction.